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I have had lucid nightmares. They are scary. The only way I can try to get my body to snap out of it's paralyzed state and get away from the evil is to try screaming. I had a lucid dream once where I was sitting next to a boy I liked, I was about to kiss him because, well I could, and the person in front of us turned around and looked at me and said, "hey, you better make sure this is a dream before you do anything stupid.

Could that person be lucid dreaming in my dream? Was there a connection in the lucid dreaming world? Probably not, but it is a fascinating idea I just found out the term for the type of dreams I often experience: lucid dreaming. It's very entertaining and I can just go with it, or redirect them. Sometimes I feel like I've just witnessed an episode of a TV show of my creation. I know I talk or yell in my dreams I've been told. The best dreams are a nice visit with my late sister. We catch up on all she's missed; but always refuses to tell me where she's been.

Negative dreams-like watching planes crashing-are soothed by reminding myself mid-dream that "Oh, we're in a dream".

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I was introduced to lucid dreaming 10 years ago when I was An acquaintance told mentioned it. I was intrigued asked how to do it. I was told to being myself to a state of complete calm and begin a story in my mind. Since I'm was a big daydreamer it wasn't difficult after I began the story I kept myself in the state of calm allowing myself to slip into sleeping. I still daydream and lucid dream.

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The difference in the experiences are the former doesn't provide the same depth of lucidity in the dream since the consciousness is torn between the creation of the mind and that of the outside whereas in lucid dreams you are entirely in the dream, and the outside world exists only in knowledge as your knowledge of galaxy would affect your eating an apple - you decide whether or not, and how your knowledge affects the dreams.

That is, I can choose to set my dream in the future days or years from the present, or even without a specific time stamp. I can also choose if my past experiences will be us3d or ignored: dream of redoing a test, getting a job without the test, obliteration the test, ignoring this altogether and going full fantasy. Additional after a daydream the body is left exactly as it was or a bit tired. I may wake with a slight feelinf of being sore at rimes but I always waje f3eling as though I've rested. I have been lucid dreaming almost all my life. In fact I don't know anymore if there is even a time in the past few years that I haven't had a lucid dream.

I've had control over my dreams majority of my life and I'm I experience lucid dreams virtually every night. I would estimate 6 out of ten nights are fully lucid, 2 out of ten partially lucid lose and gain of lucidity throughout dreaming and 2 out of ten not lucid or not dreaming at all. Tonight was exceptionally long. I tried to explain to characters in my dream that I was dreaming and none of them believed me.

I am often able to make use of a floating type of flight when I apply enough focus, and can manipulate the direction of the story slightly Most of my dream elements do not seem to come from my own mind and I am often shocked at the things that occur. My dream last night was in three parts The last portion goes like this. I am going to omit many details otherwise it would take a small book to describe. I was laying in the snow on the edge of a cliff up against a wall. The space I was laying was only wide enough for me to lay. A deer approached me wanting to pass.

As it passed I said hello and pet it on the nose. It passes and proceeds up a hill behind me.

go to link I turn to look and see it meeting up with its baby deer, the baby deer is laying next to a shadowy figure. As I look closer the deer are no longer deer but foxes. I then recall petting a fox not a deer, although I had pet a deer. The shadowy figure is a wolf come to eat the fox. Standing up I see further over the mound of the hill where there are several more wolves slowly approaching. I fear for the baby fox and it's mother and so I come closer where I find a pile of thin pointy sticks with spear heads. I grab them and begin to wave them at the wolf closest to the Fox attempting to shoo it away.

It becomes agressive and lunges forward slightly. The other wloves begin to run closer.

A conscious choice between hopelessness and faith is the spine of this story.

The first wolf lunges again as I thrust several of the sticks into its body. It back pedals limping and dying toward it's pack. The pack cries out in sorrow and many in anger. They become much more aggressive.

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Another wolf comes to fight but is catious to avoid the sticks. I have fewer sticks now and begin to panic. After some bobbing and weaving in an attempt to get around my sticks the second wolf is too impaled this time in the neck. The pack cries out in ever greater sorrow and I can feel their anger upon me. They pace around for a bit trying to decide what to do as I scramble to find more sticks, which I do.

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They then leave to regroup. I turn and see many piles of these thin Spears behind me, and a house off in the distance. I am aware that the wolves intend to return in larger numbers. I scramble to collect these piles and position them at various places in choke points between the rocks leading to the house.

Making sure that I can start at the front and pick up more as I backup. I enter the house and there is my father, mother, and a friend of mine. For some odd reason my friend had built a snow cave inside one if the walls of the house and he us wearing nothing but a pair of underwear. He is covered in bits of ice.

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I am running out of time to secure the doors and windows of the house. I know the wolves are cunning and able to open the doors and windows if not securely covered by heavy furniture of some sort. I stop for a moment to gather blankets for my friend who is freezing. I wall him up in the snow and give him a bundle of sticks instructing him to burst through and save the day if I fail to protect the home. My father and mother don't seem to understand the serious nature of my situation. My father lays on the floor because his back hurts and my mother is distracted with something she is doing.

I start to make my way outside again to prepare for the onslaught and realize I have run out if time. I can no longer make it to the front of the "yard" where I laid my first sticks. I panic and begin grabbing as many sticks as I can tossing them into the house.