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Below the streets of Manhattan, within the walls of the Repository, lies a wealth of revealing short stories, journal entries, and never-before-seen letters about the vampire elite dating back through time. After I read and loved the Twilight books, I was looking for something vampire shaped to fill the gap.

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Although initially based in New York, we soon find out that Blue Bloods exist worldwide and the story goes global. Schuyler is an anomaly in the Blue Blood world; half red blood human , half blue blood vampire and the novels follow her life as she learns that she is a Blue Blood and faces the challenges ahead of her.

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Suffice to say, I love this series — it is fast paced, fun and detailed; some of the plot twists have had my head spinning and I love the mixture of ancient lore, vampire mythology and rich, ultra-fashionable, modern teenagers and their lives and loves. The book starts with a letter from Melissa explaining how she came up with and developed her ideas for Blue bloods and really shows how much she enjoys writing the series and values her readers and fans. It is staffed by historians, many of them retired Blue Blood Conduits.


I loved the way Keys gives the reader a sense of insider knowledge! Keys outlines the mythology of the Blue Bloods in detail, explaining their full history, from their banishment as angels from Heaven to their journey to the New World and their rise to power in New York. The history of the Silver Bloods is also explained and detailed character profiles on members of the Van Alen, Llewellyn and Force families and some of of the other characters answered some of my questions!

Keys To The Repository

Aimed at the YA market the Blue Bloods books follow the lives of a group of privileged New York teens who, in addition to being wealthy and good looking, are also vampires. The series follows the teens as they come into their vampire powers and discover that their privileged world is not as secure as they thought, with corrupt vampires at the heart of their society wishing to unleash Lucifer on Earth from his prison in the underworld.

The concept of a series companion, or guide, is one that lends itself well to fantasy series. There is always more minutiae in the fantasy world that the author has built than can be easily crammed into series novels — story off-shoots, secondary characters, obscure points of history or mythology — there is no end to the extras that can fill a fantasy series companion guide.

Keys to The Repository has little by way of new content. It starts with a recap of the story so far and then it moves into the character dossiers, supposedly the records of the Blue Bloods that the Wardens keep in the Repository. The character dossiers read like another version of the story so far recap but this time concentrating on the actions of individual characters.

Keys To The Repository: Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

To the series reader, probably the most useful information contained in Keys to The Repository is the Dictionary of Terms which gives precise definitions of some of the terms used throughout the series but this is the sort of thing that a lot of other fantasy novels would include as a glossary with each volume anyway. While there is little new information or exclusive content in Keys to the Repository the book is a useful way to recap the events of the series so far.

Hardcore Blue Bloods fans and series completists will no doubt happily lap it up but the cost conscious reader may want to borrow this from the library or purchase on special offer because there is little new content here for the cover price of a novel.

It contains spoilers. Read the Magic Rises review.

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