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The legends of Arthur helped bring the ancient site back into the public eye, and it was a popular attraction well into the sixteenth century when Henry VIII shut England's Catholic monasteries down. With the help of archaeologists like Gilchrist, however, we are coming to understand that Glastonbury's significance is far more complicated than we ever imagined.

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It was a community that thrived on its craft production of glass and then later on its reinvention as part of the Arthurian legend. They cashed in on the abbey's long history, using it to turn myth into money. You must login or create an account to comment.

Skip to main content The site of King Arthur and Guinevere's grave. The grave was brought into the abbey just a few years after the place burned down and the monks were desperate for money to rebuild. Email annalee. While some scholars are firm in their belief that King Arthur is merely a literary invention, others are more circumspect.

Graham Anderson’s King Arthur in Antiquity

The association of King Arthur with Tintagel was already wildly popular in the 12th century, following an account of Arthur and his exploits recorded in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britannie History of the Kings of Britain. According to Geoffrey, Arthur was conceived at Tintagel after his father, Uther Pendragon, disguised himself with the help of Merlin as a local ruler and slept with the ruler's wife. By the 14th century, kings of England were regularly celebrating the legend with replica Round Tables , Arthurian pageants, and honors that are still awarded by British royalty to this day.

Even the name of the fabled king has been carried into modern aristocracy see Prince Charles Philip Arthur George and Prince William Arthur Philip Louis , but the royals have been reluctant to introduce a new Arthur into their family tree. Follow Kristin Romey on Twitter.

King Arthur in Antiquity

Read Caption. By Kristin Romey.

Photograph by Matt Cardy, Getty Images. Photograph by Emily Whitfield-Wicks.

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Boydell and Brewer, pp. In: Cohn-Sherbok, D. Education in Greek fiction.

King Arthur: A 21st-Century Hero – Mondes Sociaux

Classical Review 50 From pagan hero to Christian saint. Classical Review 49 Classical Review [Online] 49 Journal of Hellenic Studies Classical Review 45 Classical Review [Online] 44 Classical Review 43 View in KAR View full text.

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Problems in Ancient Popular Narrative. UK: Edwin Mullen. Brings together hitherto unpublished papers which offer fresh light on fictional texts by comparison with type-indexed folklore material.

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