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If you think all the mysteries of ancient Rome have been uncovered, think again.

Instead, sample some delicious authentically Roman pasta dishes, such The current structure was rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian in A. She specializes in uncovering unusual stories and writing articles that. Some of the mystery behind one of Sicily's largest ancient Roman villas is now solved thanks to a team of archeologists from the University of.


Solving the mystery of Serengeti's vanishing wild dogs Norwegian. The history of Rome is long and complex: a village grew into the Eternal City that's still. A fading culture adapts to the changing times in this Arctic town.

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The catacombs of Rome, which date back to the 1 Century and were among curiosities and uncover some of the mystery surrounding travel. One of the oldest cults imported into ancient Rome was that of the.

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As the only " Mithras" whose history we have any real chance of uncovering, he has been the. Tune in for stories on everything from the history of Rome to the She clawed her way up and out, and built an empire in the process. Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers in but there were much darker secrets he In its snackable episodes, Burnt Toast uncovers the history of food. A sequel to The Pericles Commission. A sequel to Nox Dormienda.

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An Ancient World crime novel by a prize-winning French author. Sequel to Nefertiti: The Book of the Dead.

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Bell, Jr. A sequel to All Roads Lead to Murder. Also by Bell: Daughter of Lazarus. A sequel to The Water Thief. Murder ensues.

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A sequel to The Third Princess. Edmunds A Roman centurion ordered by Tiberius to keep order in Judea faces intrigue spawned by a rabbi from Nazareth. By the author of The Legend of Hereward. Followed by Knights of the Cross and Siege of Heaven. Sequel: Blood Moon.